Tumwater Pipeline Trail

"As you take a stroll along this lovely river canyon on a family-friendly trail right outside of Leavenworth, imagine a different scene years before. Starting high on Icicle Ridge, the Hatchery Creek Fire, one of a massive complex of fires in the area that year, "exploded into Tumwater Canyon," wrote Fred Carani in the Cashmere Valley Record. It jumped the Wenatchee River and burned up Tumwater Mountain and into neighboring canyons, threatening Leavenworth."

Although the fire passed through the area in 1994, the ecosystem is still recovering, and hikers will no doubt be walking through a fire-shaped landscape. The hike is an easy 2.4 mile jaunt along the Wenatchee River, and is beautiful in all seasons!

Photo and information soured from https://www.wta.org/go-outside/seasonal-hikes/summer-destinations/trails-shaped-by-fire





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