Starr Road - Pateros

A drive along Starr Road just south of Pateros goes straight through the fire zone of the 2014 Carlton Complex Fire. The fire traveled down the hills on the west side of 97, crossed the road, and traveled all the way down to the Columbia River. Starting from the south end of the road, you can see burn scars on both sides of the road. Of the residences located along the road, some homes withstood the fire while many did not. Many times there is no rhyme or reason to what gets burned and what survives. Along Starr Road, one home was reduced to ashes while the homes on either side of it were unharmed. All of the homes on the other side also burned to the ground. A drive along Starr Road today looks very different today than it would have four years ago. 


Address: Starr Road, Pateros, WA 98846