Rock Creek Campground & Nature Area

  • Rock Creek Campground & Nature Area
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Prior to the 2015 fires, the Rock Creek region west of Okanogan was a thriving nature area filled with all kinds of wildlife and beautiful forests. The area was completely scorched by the Okanogan Complex Fire, and the site today looks nothing like it did before. The heat was so extreme in this area that everything was completely seared, including an old, historic shelter that was completely destroyed. While some burned areas have been able to recover, the Rock Creek area has struggled. What was once a flourishing habitat is now filled with acres of burnt trees and ash, and it will be a long time before things begin to regrow in this burnt landscape. 

Directions: Drive 0.5 miles west of the Carlton Complex/Okanogan Complex fire meeting point and take a right onto Bawlf Road. Take the first left onto Loup Loup Road, and follow that road for ~3.3 miles to the campground. 

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