Intersection of '14 & '15 Wildfires/Limebelt Fire Southern Boundary

The Okanogan Valley was severely affected by wildfires in back to back summers. While the two fires did not overlap much, there are spots where the fire areas are barely separated. Near the town of Okanogan, the southern boundary of the Okanogan Complex Fire and the northeastern boundary of the Carlton Complex Fire came within feet of each other.

If you travel ~9.5 miles west on Hwy 20 from Okanogan, there is a pulloff on the north side of the road just past Buzzard Lake Road. If you stop here and look ahead about 400 feet, you can see where the two fires met. Everything south of the highway is from the 2014 Carlton Complex Fire, and everything north of the highway is from the 2015 Okanogan Complex Fire. This point shows the blackened trees, fence posts, and brush - the scars left behind by these two monstrous fires.